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Los Mejores Neurólogos en Quito, Ecuador. Primera Consulta Gratis.

Welcome to Neuromedicenter

Neuromedicenter is a Neurorehabilitation Center located in Quito – Ecuador.

Our mission is to provide outpatient Clinical services in Neurorehabilitation, specialized in cognitive impairment, through a transdisciplinary approach to care.


We offer services in the following Clinics:
. Cognitive Disorders and Dementia – Memory Clinic
. Sleep disorders
. Headaches
. Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
. Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders
. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
. Caregivers Support and education

Neuromedicenter also has a Day Care Center, specialized in neurodegenerative diseases, with programs that include cognitive, physical and social stimulation, with the final objective of increasing independence and obtaining a better quality of life for the patient.

We have a Research Unit, with a group of professionals participating in different types of studies, especially in Dementia and other cognitive disorders and Parkinson’s Disease, working based on Good Clinical Practices (GCP/ICH), and also with local and international regulations.

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